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Sea Grant Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice
Community of Practice and Resources Page

This open web page is intended to provide resources and additional information for the group of Sea Grant professionals working to advance the program’s focused efforts on diversity, equity and inclusion. Additional and related resources are available through Sea Grant’s vision and road map for Traditional and Local Knowledge (PDF). 

Reaching Outward and Looking Inward: Building Sea Grant Resilience from the lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (pdf)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Current Conditions and Best Practices across the National Sea Grant Network (pdf)

Summary of JEDI Discussions, Sea Grant Week 2020 (PDF)

Addressing Racism and Injustice in Science


Professional Development Webinars

Sea Grant DEI Professional Development Webinar: Developing a DEI Committee and Action Plan

Inclusion and Equity in Science Communication: A Landscape Study by Sunshine Menezes and Kaytee Canfield

Expanding and Retaining the Next Generation Workforce through More Diverse Staff, Intern, and Fellowship Participation and Retention

Broadening Participation

Implicit Bias

Implicit Bias 2

 Virtual Sea Grant Week 2020: Cultivating a culture of belonging and inclusion

Additional Resources

NOAA Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (pdf)

Excellence R Us: university research and the fetishization of excellence (Link)

Research excellence indicators: time to reimagine the ‘making of’? (Link)

New Developments in Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Geosciences – Journal of Geoscience Education (Link)

Teaching Geoscience in the context of culture and place – Journal of Geoscience Education (Link)

Broadening participation in Earth Sciences – Journal of Geoscience Education (Link)

UCAR | NCAR Equity and Inclusion 101 Training (Link)

SGA Spring Meeting 2020 Diversity Session Notes (PDF)

Equity Through Access presentation by Catalina Martinez and Jeanette Davis at SGA Spring Meeting 2020 (PDF)

AFS (Tampa 2017) presentation: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Fisheries Science: From Stats to Action Steps (PDF)

Bioscience article (2016): Examining Diversity Inequities in Fisheries Science: A Call to Action (PDF)

Establishing an Equity Team (PDF)

The Culture of Power, Kivel (PDF)

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