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Sea Grant Interactive Narratives


Sea Grant use interactive narratives and visual storytelling to share Sea Grant work in a way that puts the user in control, similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book. Explore the examples below to learn about Sea Grant science at your own pace and in your own order of navigation. Each story is told in a variety of ways, including through text, video, images, and audio.







European Green Crab in Puget Sound 
Washington Sea Grant

Learn about the invasive European Green crab and the broad collaboration of volunteers, agencies and tribes working together to keep the crabs at bay in Washington State




Green Crab




Great Lakes Resurgence 
Great Lakes Sea Grant Network

The Great Lakes Sea Grant programs worked with National Geographic photographer Peter Essick to capture the stories of Great Lakes restoration, revitalization and revival.




Great Lakes Resurgence




The James River Blues: Are Catfish a Cause or Symptom of Bay Health? 
Virginia Sea Grant

This interactive transmedia piece shares what researchers have learned about of blue catfish from peeking at16,000 catfish stomachs.






Oysters: Health in Hatcheries
Virginia Sea Grant

This interactive transmedia feature tells a story of scientific research that informs healthy and sustainable oyster farming.




oyster hatchery health




The Story of North Carolina Oysters: A Brief History of the Bivalve 
North Carolina Sea Grant

Use this storymap to explore oyster basics, such as their life cycle, how to buy oysters, shellfishing policies and meet some oyster farmers .




NC oysters




Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture 
National Sea Grant Office

From aquaculture 101 to seafood science and safety, learn all about Sea Grant work with sustainable fisheries and aquaculture through a variety of features.




Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture



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