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Sea Grant Federal Partnership Liaisons

Sea Grant Liaisons integrate research and end-user needs by connecting Sea Grant extension expertise with science, products, and services from NOAA labs and other publicly supported scientific research programs. In addition to leveraging Sea Grant funds through shared federal/non-federal support of a new extension agent, the liaisons provide a pipeline between new research and community audiences.


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Meet Sea Grant Liaisons

Carrie Garrison-Laney, Ph.D.

PMEL Tsunami and Coastal Resilience Liaison, Washington Sea Grant - Dr. Carrie Garrison-Laney uses her expertise in tsunami science and scientific outreach to provide coastal communities with information on tsunami hazards, preparedness and resilience.   

Michelle Covi, Ph.D.

Coastal Resilience Liaison, Georgia Sea Grant - Dr. Michelle Covi encourages collaborative coastal resilience efforts between military installations and coastal communities. She brings expertise to compatible land use planning, conservation, and other coastal resilience efforts and facilitates the transfer of tools and resources between Sea Grant and military installations and communities.   

Tim Campbell

Aquatic Invasive Species Liaison, Wisconsin Sea Grant - Tim Campbell engages communities, organizations, local government officials and other coastal stakeholder groups to help them incorporate aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention actions into their existing activities. As the AIS liaison, Tim will work broadly on AIS outreach coordination for the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force, co-chaired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA.

Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe

Great Lakes Sea Grant Network/GLERL Liaison, Michigan Sea Grant - Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe forges and enhances partnerships around the Great Lakes. She assists in the development of collaborative extension, communications, and outreach programs that leverage the partners’ work to efficiently meet the needs of Great Lakes communities. This includes seeking new ways to integrate NOAA products and services into extension programs across the region, while also informing GLERL on Sea Grant stakeholder needs and research priorities.  

Jennifer McCann

Offshore Wind Energy Liaison, Rhode Island Sea Grant - Jennifer McCann is the director of extension for Rhode Island Sea Grant and is the director of U.S. Coastal Programs for the Coastal Resources Center. McCann leads research and provides technical support on blue economy-related topics to government decision makers, the private sector, and the public both locally and abroad.

Liz McQuain

Community Science Liaison, Louisiana Sea Grant - Liz McQuain recommends practices and develops trainings that will increase the diversity of participants to better represent communities in community science efforts, as well as increase uniform platforms for sharing and analyzing water resources data. McQuain looks forward to making national, regional and local impacts on the future of community science efforts.

Meg Chadsey, Ph.D.

PMEL Ocean Acidification Liaison, Washington Sea Grant - Dr. Meg Chadsey feels fortunate that her dual role as a Washington Sea Grant specialist and PMEL Liaison allows her to work on a variety of ocean acidification-related projects with diverse partners. Her favorite projects are those that connect the world of scientific research with the information needs of stakeholders and the public. Meg has created outreach materials, videos, and demonstration projects for schools, science communicators and decision makers.   

Betty Staugler

Harmful Algal Bloom Liaison, Florida Sea Grant - Betty Staugler is working to mitigate harmful algal blooms nationwide by helping to expand and improve forecasting tools. As the Harmful Algal Bloom Liaison, she coordinates harmful algal bloom communications in collaboration with Sea Grant, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and NOAA CoastWatch.

Zachary Gordon

Shellfish Aquaculture Liaison, Connecticut Sea Grant - Zachary Gordon addresses existing and emerging needs in the shellfish aquaculture industry as a liaison to NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center Milford Aquaculture Laboratory. His extension is focused on enabling, augmenting and accelerating the exchange of ideas and information between the Milford Lab researchers and end users throughout the greater Northeast region (Maine-Virginia).

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