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North Carolina Sea Grant offers paid summer internships

Story by Dave Shaw, North Carolina Sea Grant

Through North Carolina Sea Grant, the National Sea Grant Office’s Community Engaged Internships are available this summer for undergraduates who are from under-resourced, underrepresented, or indigenous and tribal populations.

From June to August, mentors will engage students interested in marine science. Interns will focus on place-based research, extension, education, or communication that respects and integrates local ways of knowing.

The internships will vary and include op­portunities involving on-the-ground learning experiences that extend the knowledge of com­munity stakeholders to address coastal or ma­rine issues. Interns also will participate in profes­sional development and training opportunities, peer discussions and more activities.

The program encourages applicants from groups historically underrepresented in the sciences, including African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Hispanic and Latino, female, first-generation college students, veterans, LGBTQ+, and students with disabilities. In addition, the program welcomes applications from students who have worked to overcome educational or economic disadvantages or who have personal or family circumstances that may complicate their career paths.

“We encourage internship applications from undergraduate students from under-resourced, underrepresented and indigenous communities,” Jane Harrison of North Carolina Sea Grant says. “Sea Grant wants to broaden participation in marine and coastal professionals by providing training and mentorship to the next generation of scientists, decision-makers and community leaders.”

Eligible interns must be undergraduates at a 2-year or 4-year college or university. In North Carolina, applicants should contact Jane Harrison for more information:

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