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Remote Setting Training Program to Grow Oysters

Many leaders in Maryland have highlighted the importance of developing oyster aquaculture in the state: this industry supports local working waterfronts and also helps the state’s struggling seafood industry. Maryland Sea Grant Extension helped to bring about changes in state policy to make it easier for residents to obtain leases for aquaculture operations in Chesapeake Bay, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs. To help them pursue those opportunities, Maryland Sea Grant Extension and its partners have developed a number of programs that help shellfish growers to obtain start-up funding for these ventures and to build and operate them successfully.

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Mesh bags full of oysters

Promoting Oyster Restoration Through Schools

Promoting Oyster Restoration Through Schools or Project: PORTS has seeded more than 20 million oysters in conservation sites like Gandy’s Beach throughout the Delaware Bay since it began in 2007. It is led by New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and partner Lisa Calvo at the Shellfish Aquaculture Coordinator for Rutgers University. 

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Commercial fishermen harvesting oysters in Apalachicola. Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Bringing Back Florida’s Oysters

Florida Sea Grant brought together a team of researchers, agency scientists and industry leaders to understand the decline of the Apalachicola oyster fishery and to identify a strategy for efficient recovery.

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