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Tag: Pennsylvania Sea Grant

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Great Lakes

Hopes for Habitats

Working with Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and local anglers, Pennsylvania Sea Grant involves high school students from Central Career and Technical School in building structures to improve fish habitat in Lake Erie. 

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The City of Chester Vision 2020 Climate Adaptation Planning Elements

The City of Chester Vision 2020 Climate Adaptation Planning Elements

With funding from the 2012 National Sea Grant Climate Adaptation Competition, Chester was selected as a model coastal community for integrating climate change adaptation planning into economic revitalization efforts. Here are recommendations from the Chester Climate Task Force adopted as an addendum to the Vision 2020 comprehensive plan for the City by Chester City Council on June 25, 2014. (PDF, 80 pages).

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B-WET proogram

Great Teachers Explore the Great Lakes

Through the The Bay Watershed Education or B-WET program Pennsylvania Sea Grant and Ohio Sea Grant provide critical support for formal and in-formal educators through an extensive three-day teacher education workshop on the importance of the natural resources in the Great Lakes.

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2014 Great Lakes Regional Meeting
Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Words of Wisdom from the Great Lakes

Sea Grant greats were honored with Sunset Career Awards at the Great Lakes Regional Sea Grant Meeting in Erie, PA June 16-18, 2014.  They all plan to retire before the next Great Lakes Regional Meeting so they were asked to each share some words of wisdom.

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