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Bringing Together the Seafood Industry and Tourism in Maine

Tourists are increasingly interested in experiences that allow them to support and connect with the people and places that they visit. Maine Sea Grant is facilitating such experiences by assisting with the creation of oyster farm tours, combining the tourism and fisheries industries that already exist in Maine. 

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Climate Change and the Visitor Industry; People, Place, Culture, and the Hawai‘i Experience – Stakeholder Outreach Workshop Summaries and Risk Perception Analysis

Details stakeholder outreach activities for the Climate Change and the Visitor Industry project, summarizing the state of knowledge of current and potential impacts of climate change on Hawai‘i’s tourism industry and coastal communities; identifying opportunities for adaptation and sustainability of the tourism industry; informing Hawai‘i’s decision-makers in the public and private sector of the potential impacts of climate change, and; providing an opportunity for the visitor industry stakeholders to provide feedback on the findings and assist in the identification of priority sectors for adaptation.

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