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Tag: USC Sea Grant

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Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

All Eyes on the Water

USC Sea Grant is building capacity for a community network to monitor harmful algal blooms in Southern California. HABwatch trains citizen scientists, contributes valuable data to research, and connects scientists with the community. 

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Education Coordinator

Beware the Rising Tide

During extreme high tide events, known as king tides, Californians get an idea of what future sea level may look like in their coastal communities. USC Sea Grant has had the privilege to be part of several collaborative projects that are tracking, recording and analyzing these high tides events in order to predict future sea level rise.

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Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Help from Kelp

USC Sea Grant is helping to fund Kelp Watch 2014, a research initiative that uses fast growing kelp forest species as living dosimeters of the Fukushima released radioisotopes. Co-founder Dr. Manley hopes Kelp Watch 2014 will provide the public with immediate data as to whether there are any direct human health risks to the small amounts of radioactivity in the ocean.

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