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Washington Sea Grant Liason Assembles Scientific, Government, Legal and Stakeholder Communities to Address Ocean Acidification

In Washington, the growing challenge of ocean acidification has intensified the need for bridging translational gaps between scientists and those relying on their findings. Affected communities demand scientific insight and support in packaging and sharing OA information with diverse audiences. Photo credit: Emily Carrington, Washington Sea Grant

With national Sea Grant support, Washington Sea Grant and NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory established a joint OA liaison in 2013 to serve as a bridge between scientific and stakeholder communities. Since then, the liaison has provided input on OA science, policy and outreach efforts at local, state and federal levels, and has developed products and recommendations addressing OA-related concerns. WSG is a well-respected partner in regional and national OA communication and policy efforts, disseminating information to more than 2,600 government, academic and public stakeholders in 2015. The liaison highlighted PMEL’s OA research in more than 25 presentations to audiences ranging from students to legislators, and helped connect the scientific and legal communities through planning for an Environmental Law Symposium focused on OA. Research proposals to which the liaison contributed have garnered funds of almost $2 million.

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