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Connecticut-Rhode Island Sea Grant training results in economic impact of over $1.97 million

A Connecticut and Rhode Island Sea Grant partnership offers annual US Food and Drug Association-mandated training in the application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles to the safe processing of seafood. In 2016, 77 processors, regulators, faculty and senior high school students in aquaculture completed the training with an estimated economic impact from 40 retained businesses and 57 jobs exceeding $1.97 million. The HACCP food safety management program curriculum was developed by scientists, regulators, and processors comprising the Seafood HACCP Alliance in response to concern about the increasing number of outbreaks of seafood-borne illnesses and the need to protect consumer health.

Recognizing that the seafood industry’s continual employee/business turnover would drive ongoing demand for HACCP training, the Sea Grant programs established a partnership to ensure that industry members in southern New England have regular access to the required training. Up to six courses are held annually, alternating between Connecticut and Rhode Island. Former trainees are apprised of key changes and updates through periodic communication. 

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