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National Sea Grant Law Center contributes research to inform City of Portland’s invasive species strategy

The City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services initiated an effort in 2018 to audit and revise its 2008 Invasive Plants Strategy. The audit included a legal review of the key pathways of introduction undertaken by the National Sea Grant Law Center. For each pathway, the legal component of the audit describes the responsible City departments, state laws or regulations, local authorities, and recommendations the city has the authority to take to enhance prevention efforts. The findings of the audit were foundational to the development of Invasives 2.0, the City’s new 10-year invasive species strategy. The City of Portland officially adopted Invasives 2.0 on January 22, 2020. The entire City is now implementing the plan across all bureaus and all lands managed by the City. City employees use the audit to understand existing gaps in City authority and to move forward with concrete policy actions addressing those gaps.

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