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An overhead view of a neon green chemical plume in a stream. The plume is moving from left to right and changes size and shape as it moves farther to the right.
Academia to Government

Reelin’ in the Years

In my Knauss fellowship so far, one of the most meaningful pieces of advice I’ve heard is to “think of your career as a journey, not a destination.” As the fall begins and my fellowship rounds the corner into the back nine, so to speak, I’ve shifted the way I think about my career journey. I’ve been in my feelings a lot lately about what my next steps will be after January, a familiar feeling for Knauss fellows, as we browse and subscribe to job digests from various job boards, patiently waiting for the precise second that our direct hiring authority privilege kicks in. In this time, I’ve been refining the language I use to describe myself and my accomplishments. I’m reflecting on the past and the stories beneath the single-line additions to my résumé meant to represent my capability. For instance, my master’s degree is one entry on my résumé, but how do I share what sparked my desire to pursue environmental policy as a career path?

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Knauss Blog

NOAA Careers: Transition Manager

What do Knauss Fellows actually do? Well, it depends!

You may know NOAA for its science, but there are teams of people that help get the science in motion and to the communities that need it most.

2023 Knauss Fellow Briana Yancy works as a Transition Manager at NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab this year. Check out her experience!

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B-WET proogram

Great Teachers Explore the Great Lakes

Through the The Bay Watershed Education or B-WET program Pennsylvania Sea Grant and Ohio Sea Grant provide critical support for formal and in-formal educators through an extensive three-day teacher education workshop on the importance of the natural resources in the Great Lakes.

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2014 Great Lakes Regional Meeting
Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Words of Wisdom from the Great Lakes

Sea Grant greats were honored with Sunset Career Awards at the Great Lakes Regional Sea Grant Meeting in Erie, PA June 16-18, 2014.  They all plan to retire before the next Great Lakes Regional Meeting so they were asked to each share some words of wisdom.

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Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Safe Boating Week: Spotlight on Sea Grant Extension Agent Sarah Orlando

Sarah Orlando is an Extension Educator based in the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Office of Coastal Management in Sandusky. She is the coordinator for the Ohio Clean Marinas and Clean Boaters programs,  voluntary, incentive-based programs to help maintain and improve coastal and Lake Erie

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Dredge material from Toledo Harbor gains new life in engineered soil

Dredging shipping channels is an unavoidable part of harbor maintenance across the Great Lakes.  But once the sediment is removed from the shipping channel, where does it go? Funded by Ohio Sea Grant  Dr. Elizabeth Dayton, Research Scientist in Ohio State University’s School of Environment & Natural Resources, is working to reuse of up to 100,000 cubic yards of dredge material per year.

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