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Dune It Right Manual

The Dune It Right manual explains dune ecology. This tool is for anyone undertaking a dune restoration or rehabilitation project. It explains what species uses what parts of the beach, how to avoid damaging habitat and how to avoid creating a monoculture.

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Water Stewardship Program
Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Water Stewardship Program

In collaboration with Washington Land Grant partners, Washington Sea Grant provides training, resources and opportunities to volunteers interested in learning about freshwater environments and the watershed and marine systems to which they are tied. The volunteers then contribute to improving their communities through monitoring, enhancement, restoration and outreach.

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Connecticut Habitat Management Planning
Coastal Economy

Habitat Based Management Planning

Connecticut Sea Grant and CLEAR developed a web-based tool which leads resource managers through the process of developing a long-term habitat based management plan with information provided on coastal habitat types, management and restoration so as to maximize the long term resilience of natural areas.

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Great Lakes

New Tool Helps Planners Steer Clear of Tipping Points

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is leading the effort to develop an online tool that allows community planners to make informed decisions regarding land use by identifying how watershed ecosystems will look in the future if current land use practices continue or are ramped up.

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Commercial fishermen harvesting oysters in Apalachicola. Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Bringing Back Florida’s Oysters

Florida Sea Grant brought together a team of researchers, agency scientists and industry leaders to understand the decline of the Apalachicola oyster fishery and to identify a strategy for efficient recovery.

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