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January 2014

Sandy: The Science Behind the Storm

New York Sea Grant provided real-time information on the track, intensity and aftermath of Superstorm Sandy via social media when other outlet lost power. The program's award-winning year-long "science behind the storm" story series and related YouTube clips reached over 14,300 visitors on Facebook alone.

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Coastal Research Volunteer members measure American eels. Credit: New Hampshire Sea Grant

New Hampshire Sea Grant’s Coastal Research Volunteers Help Researchers See the Big Picture

Steve Jones Associated Director of New Hampshire Sea Grant founded the Coastal Research Volunteers with the goal to provide volunteers with opportunities to engage in meaningful science and to benefit scientific research in the region. The program has been going strong for three years and is an overwhelming success, with volunteers helping researchers collect data they would otherwise be unable to collect. 


New Hampshire Sea Grant’s Coastal Research Volunteers Help Researchers See the Big Picture Read More>

Dune it Right

Dunes are dynamic entities, they accrete and deplete, get damaged in coastal storms, and suffer through abuse by humans.  In an attempt to mitigate the damage, New Jersey coastal communities often plan Ammophilia seedlings to deliberately construct dune systems to act like barriers against coastal damage during storms, effectually shoring up the coast. However, there’s a fatal flaw in this approach.

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Are Beach Contact Advisories for the Birds?

Backed by Minnesota Sea Grant’s commitment to research Dr. Michael  Sadowsky and his colleagues have shown that Escherichia coli and enterococci, the bacteria responsible for "Water Contact Not Recommended" beach advisories, can often be traced back to waterfowl and other animals. Water sullied by waterfowl might be nasty, but it is not a serious human health concern.

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Sturgeon for the Shedd

Fourteen Lake Sturgeon were transported to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL where they will increase public awareness about the fascinating history behind Sturgeon and the importance of the species to the Great Lakes ecosystem. 

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