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Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

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Sea Grant works to create a diverse workforce trained in marine science, technology, engineering, mathematics, law and policy. Training programs and education materials help build an environmentally literate workforce that understands and utilizes best available science to make informed decisions.



Delaware Sea Grant provides professional development workshops for teachers to improve ocean literacy in the classroom. (Photo credit: Christopher Katalinas, National Sea Grant Office)












*Metrics reported in Summer 2020 for work conducted February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020. Graduates employed = Sea Grant-supported graduates who become employed in a career related to their degree within two years of graduation. K-12 students reached through Sea Grant education efforts.

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Featured Impacts

Meet Sea Grant Experts Enhancing 

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Kanesa Duncan Seraphin

Director, Center for Marine Science Education, Hawai'i Sea Grant - Kanesa is producer and host of the Voice of the Sea television series, communicating ocean science educator, and curriculum developer for Exploring Our Fluid Earth (Grades 6-12) and Sea-Earth-Atmosphere (Grades 3-4-5). 

"The ocean is our source of life, recreation, culture, and discovery. We help share the stories of experts throughout the Pacific region and beyond—connecting communities of residents, educators, learners, researchers, and visitors."

Mark Wiley

Assistant Director for Marine Education, New Hampshire Sea Grant - Mark coordinates N.H. Sea Grant's marine education efforts and is also the director of the University of New Hampshire's marine docent program.

"I do the training of the new docents and really start them on that's then other docents that provide them with the kind of experiences, wisdom and tips that make them really effective educators."

Linda Chilton

Education Programs Manager, University of Southern California Sea Grant - Linda Chilton is the USC Sea Grant Education Programs Manager. She is responsible for developing, implementing, and coordinating a wide range of educational program and citizen science initiatives focusing on students, teachers and communities.  She is a co-instructor for the LA Coastal California Naturalist Program.

"We strengthen our education efforts by partnering to integrate traditional ecological knowledge and local knowledge in our work."

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Stories and News

Encouraging Diverse Perspectives

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Encouraging Diverse Perspectives

An Interview with Mona Behl about Inclusivity and Access to the Sciences

Mona Behl, the Associate Director for Georgia Sea Grant and a co-lead in Sea Grant's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion community of practice is interviewed by 2021 Knauss Fellow, Amara Davis. Mona discusses her journey to Sea Grant, the important work Sea Grant is doing to make the sciences more equitable, and what we can all do to facilitate a more inclusive future.

Celebrate Women's History Month by Learning About Knauss Fellowship Alumnae

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Celebrate Women's History Month by Learning About Knauss Fellowship Alumnae

The Knauss Fellowship offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on marine and coastal policy issues in the nation's capital. Four alumnae of the Knauss Fellowship share their experiences with science, policy, communication, cultural identity and more, in their own words.

After 50 years of on-site experiential education programs, Georgia Sea Grant goes virtual

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After 50 years of on-site experiential education programs, Georgia Sea Grant goes virtual

Educators at Georgia Sea Grant’s Marine Education Center and Aquarium are bringing the on-site, outdoor experiences to the classroom for the first time by way of virtual school trips.

Sea Grant responds to COVID-19-related challenges across the country

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Sea Grant responds to COVID-19-related challenges across the country

As the country adapts to changes necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, coastal and Great Lakes communities, too, are rethinking how to resume what were once normal activities. Sea Grant programs are leading efforts to provide relief to the communities they serve. Read about a few of the initiatives Sea Grant created or enhanced in recent months.

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