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Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

Sea Grant is a leader in developing innovative technologies for all sectors of the seafood industry, including fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing and consumer safety. Research and extension efforts are focused on ensuring a safe and sustainable supply of seafood products for current and future generations.

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*Metrics reported in Summer 2021 for work conducted February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points training is required for certification to handle and distribute seafood products.

Sustainable Fisheries Featured Impacts

Meet Sea Grant Sustainable Fisheries Experts

Michael Ciaramella

Seafood Safety and Technology Specialist, New York Sea Grant - Michael works with New York's seafood industry, regulatory agencies and food and nutrition professionals on issues related to seafood safety, quality and marketing.

"My background in aquaculture and food science will allow me to help New York compete with regard to cultured seafood as that industry continues to grow to meet the demands of the local and global seafood markets."

William "Bill" Walton, Ph.D.

Oyster Aquaculture Extension Specialist, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant - Bill provides technical advice for shellfish farmers, identifies areas in Alabama and Mississippi for oyster aquaculture and communicates aquaculture developments to the public. 

"Shellfish aquaculture does a lot of great things; it raises food, provides habitat, and improves water quality. But, for me, it’s most about creating jobs in rural coastal communities and keeping these communities together."

Gabriela Bradt, Ph.D.

Commercial Fisheries Extension Specialist, New Hampshire Sea Grant - Gabriela's research aims to inform the use of invasive green crabs as a possible seafood product. This would help control the spread of the invasion, while also providing added income to local fishermen that are experiencing trouble with the current wild harvest fisheries.

"If we are going to have enough supply for restaurants and other markets...we need to be able to get a whole bunch of them [green crabs] to molt around the same time."

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Stories and News

Downriver and Out to Sea

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Downriver and Out to Sea

Stories of sea run fish, the people who care about them, and the Sea Grant researchers working to understand and restore these ecologically vital fish

Sea run fish – fish that migrate between fresh and saltwater – hold meaning to many New England communities as food, as income, as history and as a key part of a functioning ecosystem. But many unknowns about these fish remain. Across New England, Sea Grant researchers are working to understand how these populations are changing, what habitats are most important to them and how to restore once vibrant runs of sea run fish. 


Collaborative network for recirculating aquaculture moves into next phase

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Collaborative network for recirculating aquaculture moves into next phase

The National Sea Grant Office announced funding for the Recirculating Aquaculture Salmon Network (RAS-N) in 2019. While that three-year grant is now winding down, the collaborative network it helped build is not going away. Rather, it is entering an exciting new phase with $10 million in funding from a U.S. Department Agriculture program designed to enhance sustainability in agriculture.

Sea Grant announces $2 million in support of 2021 American Lobster Initiative efforts

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Sea Grant announces $2 million in support of 2021 American Lobster Initiative efforts

Sea Grant announces $2 million in support of the Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative to address scientific and stakeholder needs associated with this important fishery. This is Sea Grant’s third year of research and extension funding to address critical gaps in knowledge about how American lobster is being impacted by environmental change in the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank and southern New England.

NOAA Sea Grant and Ocean Acidification Program projects to examine impacts of stressors on shellfish aquaculture

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NOAA Sea Grant and Ocean Acidification Program projects to examine impacts of stressors on shellfish aquaculture

NOAA Sea Grant and the Ocean Acidification Program awarded more than $2.4 million to support projects that will address the impacts of multiple stressors on and increase resilience in shellfish aquaculture through research and industry partnerships. These projects will expand collaborations between researchers and the shellfish aquaculture industry throughout all aspects of the scientific process.

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