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Sea Grant Contact Information

National Sea Grant Office Service Inboxes

The National Sea Grant Office has several "service inboxes" to better serve the Sea Grant Network. These email accounts are regularly checked by multiple people in the office to ensure a timely response. They also serve as a programmatic archive for conversations. All email addresses end in They include:

  • Competitions: For questions and required submissions, such as letters of intent, 
  • Aquaculture: For all questions and inquires about aquaculture,
  • NEPA: For all questions and inquires related to environmental compliance,
  • Fellowships: For all questions and inquiries about the Knauss and NMFS-Sea Grant fellowships,
  • PIER and Annual Reports: For access to and to report issues with PIER as well as for questions about annual reports,


National Sea Grant Office Organizational Chart (PDF, updated February 2023)
National Sea Grant Office Federal Program Officers (PDF, updated February 2023)

Distribution Lists and Communities of Practice

The National Sea Grant Office maintains several distribution lists to send messages to the Sea Grant network. Please contact your federal program officer or other NSGO point of contact if you would like to be added to any of these lists. They are:

  • Sea Grant entire (everyone in the network)
  • Sea Grant directors
  • Sea Grant director back ups
  • Fiscal officers
  • Research coordinators
  • Extension leaders
  • Extension all
  • Communicators
  • Educators
  • Knauss fellowship points of contact
  • Climate community of practice
  • Restoration community of practice
  • Social science community of practice
  • Economic valuation community of practice
  • Aquaculture community of practice
  • DEIJA community of practice
  • TLK community of practice

In addition to the lists maintained by the National Sea Grant Office, there are several other network-based lists that serve to connect various groups of professionals in Sea Grant, such as the fisheries extension professionals, for example. If you need to be added to one of the lists maintained outside of the National Sea Grant Office, you can still contact the office as a starting point to find the correct contact. 

Newsletter Registration

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Find a Sea Grant Professional

Sea Grant is made up of 34 programs, a national Sea Grant Library, and a network of thousands of professionals working in every coastal and Great Lakes state as well as in Guam and Puerto Rico. Additional projects extend Sea Grant's professional network to the Virgin Islands, Marianas Islands and other U.S. territories as well as to U.S. inland states. 

The disciplines of Sea Grant professionals are all grounded in supporting coastal and Great Lakes communities, and they range broadly -- coastal ecology and biology, fisheries biology, aquaculture technology and business, climate change science, community resilience to natural change, economics, social science, youth and adult education, and more. 

Sea Grant professionals may specialize in research, extension, education, communications or other functional areas.