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Scientific and Resource Management Achievements from Our Program

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Sea Grant programs produce videos covering a wide variety of topics. Check out our videos page for featured educational series (such as 15-second science), clips sharing Sea Grant work, and short stories of people who live along coasts or make a living on the water. 


The Our New Age of Water series takes a hard and hopeful look at topics related to the present and future use of water. The intent is that each installment of Our New Age of Water will advance ideas about water-related research and innovative technologies.


Sea Grant and its programs support students of all ages on their educational journey. Check out our student blogs to learn what Sea Grant Scholars are doing in the science, policy, education and art spaces and explore our alumni blogs to see where our students end up!

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2023 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowship Opportunities
NOAA Seeks Public Comments on Aquaculture Programmatic Environmental Assessment
2024 Knauss Fellowship Opportunity
Sea Grant Announces 2022 American Lobster Research Program Projects
Young Fishermen’s Career Development Projects Funding Opportunity
Announcing 2022 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellows
Announcing 2023 Knauss Finalists
Guam Sea Grant Achieves Institutional Status
Marine Debris Funding Opportunities
Translating Coastal Research into Application Funding Opportunity
American Lobster Research Program Funding Opportunity 2022
Sea Grant Seeks Input on 2024-27 Strategic Plan
Sea Grant Announces 2021 American Lobster Initiative Efforts
2022 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowship Opportunities
Aquaculture 2022 Request for Proposals
2023 Knauss Fellowship Opportunity
Announcing new Sea Grant Liaisons
Announcing 2021 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellows
Announcing 2022 Knauss Finalists
American Lobster Research Program Funding Opportunity 2021
Sea Grant Awards 4.7M for U.S. Aquaculture
2021 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowship Opportunities
2022 Knauss Fellowship Opportunity
Shellfish Aquaculture Funding Opportunity
Sea Grant Awards 2M for Lobster Initiative
Announcing 2020 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellows
Announcing 2021 Knauss Finalists
National Federal Partnership Liaisons Funding Opportunity
Aquaculture Economics Funding Opportunity
American Lobster Research Program Funding Opportunity
2020 NMFS-Sea Grant Fellowship Opportunities
Sea Grant Law Center Becomes Coherent Area Program
Sea Grant Awards 2M for HMS Research
Sea Grant Awards 2M for Lobster Initiative
Sea Grant Awards 16M for U.S. Aquaculture
Announcing 2020 Knauss Finalists
Announcing NMFS-Sea Grant Fellows
Special Session at CHOW Increasing Diversity of Marine Science Workforce
Highly Migratory Species Research Funding Opportunity
Aquaculture Funding Opportunities
Research Funding for American Lobster
2020 Knaus Fellowship Announcement December 2018
2018 Aquaculture Research Funded Projects October 2018
2019 Knauss Finalists June 2018
Lake Champlain Sea Grant Institutional Status May 2018
RFP: Undergraduate Workshop, Fisheries Population Dynamics March 2018
2018 Aquaculture Research Funding Opportunity December 2017

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