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Implementation - Guidance, Forms, Templates, Projects

This page contains ongoing efforts within Sea Grant, including Network Visioning efforts and the Regional Integration project. Additionally, it provides guidance, forms and templates for carrying out the work of Sea Grant. 

Guidance and Resource Documents

Sea Grant General Application Guidance (updated October 18, 2019)

Sea Grant Data Sharing Plan

RFP Policy (PDF, Updated September 2018)

FY2020-21 TRP Considerations and Timeline (PDF, Updated August 2019)

FY2020-21 Aquaculture Supplemental Overview (PDF, August 2019)

NOAA Data Sharing Directive (PDF)


Forms and Templates

90-1 Control Form

90-2 Project Summary Long Form (Zip file, Updated December 19, 2019)

90-2 Project Summary Short Form (Zip file, updated December 19, 2019)

Instructions for 90-2 Project Summary Form (PDF, updated 11/7/18)

90-4 Budget Form (Fillable PDF, updated 01/28/19)

90-4 Budget Form (Word Document, updated 11/27/18)

90-4 Budget Form (Zip file containing Excel version of the form, updated 01/31/19)

NSI Title Page (PDF, updated Sept 2017)

Proposal Title Page, 3 years (PDF, updated Dec 2017)

SF424A Extra Section B (PDF, updated September 2017)

Instructions for SF424A Extra Section B (PDF, updated September 2017)


NEPA Compliance

Abbreviated Environmental Compliance Questionnaire (Word document, updated November 2018)